My journey: next steps in mobile video making

For anyone following my adventures in #mojo and video story telling so far (hello Mum!) I’ve reached something of a milestone.

I’ve posted the first four parts of my journey from virgin to slightly less amateurish film-maker.

My most recent experiences – live coverage of  Worcestershire Skills Show 2017 – included a series of short videos, a longer video for internal use, regular tweets and Facebook summary, which I link to here (youtube)…and here (Twitter Moments).



Feel free though to share your observations if want to highlight any of the many areas for improvement!

The art of #mojo, or mobile journalism, is my favourite format for story telling. Done well, the combination of words, moving pictures, sounds, captions and, sometimes, music can be a wonderful way to capture voices and experiences in ways that can be shared across multiple platforms.

I’ve spent time studying proponents of the art, seeking out examples of excellent practice, and having a go at creating my own pieces of #mojo, both externally and inside my workplace.

I’ve attended a workshop led by #mojo proponent Stephen R Quinn and created pieces of content of my own in different settings – also detailed in a previous blog on this site.

I’ve since devised a long list of video and audio content that I would like to create either as a council content creator or as an independent journalist, depending on the geographical location and interest.

These range from vox pops to intimate interviews, live event coverage to behind the scenes stories about local democracy in action.

Already under way is a series of interviews with young people in care settings, as part of a project to give voice to children who might otherwise remain in the shadows.

I want to do more of this…telling the stories of individuals in my community through video, audio, words and images. I will also seek to show how they form part of a wider picture through infographics, maps and data, including some historical reflection.

I hope by telling these ‘inside stories’ I can give voice to people who are often subject to stereotypes, or lack of understanding, or whose voices tend to get drowned out by louder noises.

I intend to continue to chronicle my mojo journey here including, when I feel suitably qualified to do so, my own advice and tips. This will also include seeking out and establishing myself in a community of practice around #mojo.

Speaking of “community of practice”…my next blog details my attempts to make inroads into the community of public sector communicators, which has been a wholly positive experience which I could sum up in a simple phrase: “the kindness of strangers”.



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