Using video to tell human interest stories: Part 2


The idea of using mobile devices to tell human interest stories is not new; far from it. Since 2009, and probably earlier, the availability of smartphones has inspired journalists and publishers.

Nick Garnett, a highly respected BBC journalist, put together this excellent short video telling the brief history of #mojo.

So now you’ve decided to join the #mojo revolution, whether as a journalist or as a creator of content in some other way – what now?

The first thing you need to do is have the right equipment.

My #mojo kit consists of these basic tools:

  • an Apple iphone
  • a Rode mic and extension lead
  • a lightweight tripod (I’ve also got a selfie stick and a short tabletop tripod)
  • iMovie app
  • sound recording app
  • cloud storage to save content to once on wi-fi
  • pair of headphones to privately listen back to content/edit

You might prefer another operating system or phone (Android or Windows) but iOS and the iPhone are currently the market leaders in terms of apps and functionality.

Whatever your choice, it must allow for mobility. If it fits in a pocket or at best a small bag, it’s #mojo – if you need a trolley or someone else to carry it, then it’s not.

In this post from, several #mojo journalists share their kit ideas and images; while here in this post, Mark Egan at Purple Bridge Media highlights some of the newer apps that are expanding the editing possibilities for #mojo makers.

So now you’ve heard from some experts and you’ve got the kit…so what stories are you going to cover?

Next post: Getting started: the stories that are perfect for #mojo style story telling




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